Who We Are

“MRT continuously strives to deliver unique business solutions that enhance customer loyalty, improve employee satisfaction, and boost financial performance using a unique set of tools and talent unavailable elsewhere in the world.“

- Brian Higgins, Principal

Our consultants and alliance partners bring a high level of experience, creativity and passion to deliver outstanding results to our clients, capitalizing on education and industry knowledge required to create exceptional results.  MRT brings a balanced approach in terms of methodologies and resources. As a “virtual” consulting firm, MRT draws upon the combined expertise of our alliance partners, providing clients with a team of experts that cannot be duplicated by any individual firm.

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What We Do

Management Resource Technologies (MRT) is a business transformation consulting firm that delivers state-of-the-art financial and performance management consulting services. Since 1979, MRT has been in the forefront of delivering consulting services that have improved bottom-line results through enhanced revenue generation coupled with cost optimization. Our work in financial and performance management was recognized as "Best Practice" by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC).

Today’s competitive marketplace demands that managers have a greater understanding of customers, costs, and competition necessary to not only survive, but to grow and flourish, providing value to the organization’s stakeholders. MRT has developed nationally-recognized performance improvement methodologies that have generated outstanding ROIs for our clients.


“I hired them 3 times to conduct costing and performance improvement studies – that says it all!"

CFO, Insurance Company

“After numerous failures from both large and boutique consulting firms, they delivered on their promise."

VP of Operations, High-Tech Computer Manufacturing

“The biggest issue that our tools and analytics could NOT prove was ‘What was the truthful, accurate, and relevant COST data’ to confirm true product-profitability. We could not QUANTIFY it. We heard later that the client had brought in someone to do a full costing/analytics and profitability project, but with no cost pooling. I found out later that it was ‘AVM®’ the tool used to quantify the true profitability."

Project Manager, Big-5 Consultant Firm

“I have worked with a number of consultants in the past and because of their unique solutions, if I had a choice, I would not work with another firm.".

VP Human Resources, Insurance Claims Processing

“I needed to remove 10% of my operating budget but could not find it – AVM® found it without sacrificing value."

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